Data loss has the potential to cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet most companies do not know how to effectively protect their confidential information. You must require more than just a security network to protect your data. Organizations always need to know where their information is being stored and where it is being released to. However, most businesses do not know this information.

If you are going to fully and completely protect your information, there are many requirements that your data loss prevention sol ution should meet. It is likely that your data loss prevention system will not meet all of the requirements, but here are the top 5 prevention requirements that any system should absolutely meet :

1. Your data loss prevention system should be able to find and protect all information regardless of where it is stored. Recent statistics have concluded that 1 in 50 files that are stored on desktops contain confidential information and most companies are not able to locate such information. It is for this reason why it is necessary for your data loss prevention system to be able to accurately identify confidential data. Once your system identifies the data, it should protect it by applying programs such as storage tiering, archiving, and digital rights management.

2. A data loss prevention system also must be able to monitor all data usage and prevent it from leaving the organization’s network. Email is not the only thing that should be monitored. The prevention system should also monitor instant messaging, blogs, USB drives, CD/DVDs, and mp3 players. In addition to monitoring such devices, the protection system should prevent the transmission of data by blocking it. This combines monitoring with prevention.

3. The system must be able to accurately detect all security breaches. Inaccurate detections will cause you to spend time searching through incorrect information, and a failure of detection will cause you to lose data.

4. Any data loss system should have automated policy enforcement. This makes it very easy for security and human resource personnel to manage any security breaches. Without automated policy enforcement, workers would be forced to handle 2-3 times their normal work load.

5. Finally, data loss prevention systems need to have control over encrypted data. Encryption is a tool that is used to secure confidential information. Sometimes information is encrypted even though it is not permitted to leave the company and confidential data isn’t always encrypted when it should be. Therefore, you need make sure that your program allows you to see and monitor encrypted material.

It is very important to make sure that you have a data loss prevention system that runs effectively. A strong system is essential for the protection of your private data and business.

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